UX/UI project
The produce of this exercise was to create a mobile app from start to end: concept to fully functional model.
This project was made using Adobe XD, PS & AI.
The process
When I became a mother, aside from the love and the fulfillment, I was introduced to anxiety - and lots of it.
Trying to find answers to my questions online which turned out to be scary and ineffective, as there in no way of knowing how reliable a website is, and I wasn't able to read through all the researches, as I don't have the knowledge to understand the technical terms
Taf-Alef was designed for everyone who takes care of babies and toddlers, and wants to be updated with relevant an accurate information regarding their safety.
all the information is written by people with the required qualifications, such as doctors and researchers,
by entering medical information about your children, the app will be able to alert it's users for any change in directions that are relevant to them.

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